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It’s All About Perspective

Recently I was showing my mom and one of her friends a few of the projects I’ve been working on. We inevitably moved onto the topic of what I planned to do when those are finished. I, of course, have a few I’m playing with and dreaming of, so I shared those thoughts with her too.

She looked at me and said, “Wow, you’re so artistic. You must always be creating. Artists have the drive to be moving and doing. That’s great.”

Her response was inspiring and caused a shift in my own thinking.

People have often commented on my “inability to slow down.” The phrase is usually accompanied with a negative connotation as though my “going” and not “stopping” is somehow undesirable. Growing up I would hear, “Krystal, You’re always happiest when you’re busiest.” At times this statement felt like a bit of a barb and at others, I wondered if there were some pride and understanding of my nature.

My husband has often said he’d like to “slow down” and he hopes I will “slow down” with him. Again, I have taken this comment as a judgment of my “go-go-ness”, hearing it as though there is something wrong with me because I’d rather be productive and creative.

Don’t get me wrong, I do “slow down”. I’ll curl up on the couch and enjoy a day of reading a good book. I’ll sit on the patio at the end of the day and enjoy the serenity surrounding us. It is a challenge to express how much I love a ten-minute nap. I even have a shirt that says, “Nap Team Captain.” And game night? Bring it on!!

The constant comments blended with the hints of judgment had worn down my confidence in embracing my uniqueness. I had allowed my impressions to turn my creativity and inspirations into something I tried to hide and minimize. I found myself holding back some of the joy and excitement for what’s coming up next. To have this woman express such positivity towards my creative impulses was so refreshing. And seriously mind-altering.


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My husband and I were talking one afternoon shortly after my mom’s friend left and I told him about how this experience had totally changed my perspective. It changed his too. His insight was one of supporting my joy and creativity with encouragement. While he enjoys taking moments and “slowing down” together, he also loves how I light up talking about my newest ideas and inspiration.

Often our own insecurities get in the way of hearing what someone truly means. We listen through our filters of life experiences and assumptions. What was meant as a compliment sounds like a jab and leaves our fears validated.

What happens when we actively choose to shift our thoughts?

What happens when we choose to release the burden and fear?

Take a step back.

Look at a belief from a new perspective.

Give yourself a little credit. There is not a single soul on this Earth capable of living your life to its authentic fullness better than YOU.

I am an artistic being. I enjoy creating beautiful spaces for people to relax, heal and breathe. I love the entire process and I savor the idea of someone letting go and finding a moment of peace and bliss because everything is just as they need it to be. I am a space holder and creator…and this is a gift I embrace.



                                         with love,


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