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15: Finding Joy Amid Caregiving

In this deeply personal episode of Lewy Body and Mindful Caregiving, I share my ongoing journey as a caregiver for my mother, who’s battling Lewy Body dementia. I delve into the emotions, challenges, and unexpected gifts that this journey has brought me. I share my experience with self-care— getting lost in the world of the Highlander series— and how this simple act serves as a much-deserved break from my responsibilities. I recount a question from a lunch with a friend that left me prickly at first—”how is this serving you?” The irritation dissolved into profound realization as I discovered that my mother’s condition was serving me in unanticipated ways. It strengthened me and taught me the power of asking, “How is this serving me?” every time things get tough. This episode is a candid account of my journey, a note of gratitude wrapped in layers of life’s harsh realities, and hopefully, an inspiration to other caregivers out there.

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