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134: Oracle Reading: Discovering Your Inner Power

In this captivating episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out, I journey through the evocative world of Native American spirituality, drawing inspiration from the Native Spirit Oracle Cards. Filled with rich images and layered meanings, I dive deep into what it means to genuinely say “yes” to life and break free from inhibitions. Illustrating the process of personal healing with the creation of a personal medicine bag, I emphasize the power of tangible reminders of growth and divinity. Lastly, I explore the tricks of perception that often conceal our true selves. By the end, listeners will grasp the art of shedding obstinate patterns and dancing to the rhythm of their hearts. Howling at the moon might even seem like a great idea! The episode concludes with the anticipation of the growth and understanding to come from an open heart and lively spirit.

Breathe In, Breathe Out is a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast hosted by yours truly, Krystal Jakosky. Each week, we’ll release a brand new lesson or meditation focused on helping you navigate your life by giving YOU the tools to become your own healer.

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