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21: Facing Caregiving Reality with Loved Ones

Hello and welcome back to Lewy Body and Mindful Caregiving. I’m your host, Krystal Jakosky, and in this episode, I share my recent self-care journey during a family vacation. Packed with activities and surrounded by loved ones, I decided to consciously set aside time for rest and self-nourishment, a decision that eventually led to me feeling rejuvenated and more connected with my family. The key takeaway here, as I’ve experienced, is that it’s vital to prioritize our well-being, no matter how busy our lives may be.

The second part of our discussion addressed an emotionally substantial topic – end-of-life decisions. Speaking candidly, I shared with you conversations I held with my sons about my own end-of-life preferences. Expressing my desires, my hopes, and my fears, I communicated to them my preference to be remembered as the vibrant and strong mother they know. I shared my wish to spare them the stress and strain of intense caregiving duties, highlighting the importance of having transparent and respectful dialogues about such sensitive matters. These conversations, while challenging, are crucial to fostering understanding and mutual respect within families, making the path forward clearer and more harmonious for all involved.

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