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27: Family Gatherings with Dementia | A Survival Guide

In this episode, I share the deeply personal experience of organizing a large family gathering with my mom, who has been diagnosed with Lewy Body Dementia, at the center. I delve into the details, from the prep work I did, the rules I set for myself, to the emotional rollercoaster I navigated throughout the gathering. With transparency and vulnerability, I share how I managed to keep my mom from getting overstimulated, while also diligently prioritizing my self-care. We will go over the concept of a person’s “window of tolerance” and how crucial understanding this is when dealing with a family member suffering from dementia. Even amid the considerable challenges, the gathering was an invaluable gift of spending time with my mom – a treasured memory for all of us involved. This episode is an intimate roadmap for navigating mindful caregiving, revealing both practical tips and heartfelt insights around the balancing act that is being a caregiver. From my perspective as a life coach and caregiver, I hope my sharing will provide comfort, encouragement, and practical guidance to those on a similar journey.

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