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Learn to Face Your Fears

I hope this newsletter finds you well and ready to face whatever storms might lie ahead in your life. Today, I’d like to share with you an insightful story that offers us a significant metaphor to help us understand how we react to life’s challenges.

Are you like the buffalo, or are you like the cattle?

As the story goes, when these two types of grazing animals sense an impending storm, they react in remarkably different ways. The buffalo, inherently aware of the storm, head towards it, their heads held low, ready to endure the storm’s force in order to make it through to the other side. On the other hand, cattle tend to run away from the storm. However, despite their attempts to escape, the storm inevitably catches up to them, leaving them to weather it tired and exhausted.

This brings forth a crucial question: Which kind of animal represents your approach when faced with life’s storms? Do you confront your issues head-on, just like a buffalo, or do you evade them until they catch up to you, mimicking the cattle?

Another poignant anecdote I shared in my recent video was about my grandson taking his first roller-coaster ride. Fearing the intensity of the ride but deciding to face it anyway, he taught me a valuable lesson about confronting fears. As opposed to my method of closing my eyes and just feeling the ride, he chose to keep his eyes open, remarking, “How am I facing my fears if I can’t see what’s coming at me?” This profound insight goes to show that we can learn valuable life lessons from the most unexpected sources.

So, this month, I urge you to consider your responses to your life’s storms. Are you acting like the cattle, running away and only serving to prolong your misery? Or are you acting like the buffalo, facing your challenges head-on and aiming to get through the storm as quickly as possible?

As we head towards another month of uncertainty, I challenge you to choose the ‘Buffalo Approach.’ Remember, the storm will inevitably catch up to us no matter how far or fast we run. So, wouldn’t it be better to face it head-on, withstand its blows, and come out on the other side stronger, braver, and more resilient?

Take a moment to introspect. Consider if there’s something in your life from which you are running, which is slowly draining you. If you uncover something, try and summon the courage to face it. After all, tackling the storm will leave you better equipped for the future, allowing you to welcome each new day with increased strength and tranquility.

As always, I’m here for you if you need any guidance or support. I hope you take this lesson to heart, and remember, be a buffalo!

Take care and see you soon.


                                         with love,


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