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What was the last thing you tackled just to see if you could?


I’m not going to lie.


The need for Spring and cleaning up and little projects has me buzzing and active. I even took apart a cantilever umbrella and fixed the string inside. Never done it before. Not really a fix-it gal. Don’t know what struck me…I just suddenly grabbed tools and decided I was going to make some magic happen.


I say I’m a writer. I’ve been working on a book or two and a manual/workbook for one of my classes. I thoroughly love writing these newsletters. Truthfully I call them musings. The world is my muse and you get to come along on my journey of wonder and discovery.


Yet lately, writing has been the last thing on my mind. I want to be outside, doing, achieving, being physical in this fabulous body I’ve been blessed with. I love the way it moves and draws strength as needed for this project or that one. I love the feel of the stretch and the push, just a little bit more. I love falling into bed at the end of a particularly physical day, limbs sinking into the mattress as they begin recuperating.


There is just something about being present in my physical abilities and I sleep so soundly.


We joke around that I’m stronger than my sweetheart and if he needs heavy-duty work done he’ll grab me. There’s truth in sarcasm there, and it makes me smile. He doesn’t take offense, in fact, I hear pride in his voice as he tells people. Which just makes me smile even more. I like being strong.


And it’s not just physical. I’m strong in so many ways. Mentally, emotionally, physically… I’ve worked to become so. It has taken facing fears and heartache, unlearning behaviors, and learning new ones. 


Like taking apart an umbrella.


Tapping into a part of me I wasn’t sure was there and yet wanted to find out.


It was a little exciting.


At times frustrating.


Mentally challenging. (In fact, I worried when I thought I had a couple of extra screws…)


And when I was done, I was super proud I even attempted it and beaming with the success. I did something I had no clue how to tackle and just went with it. The result is additional shade to enjoy the beautiful weather in… I’ll take it.


So, now, I feel able to write. My physical body was able to be expressed and worked. 


My mental body had a puzzle to figure out.


My emotional body felt the success and joy of achieving something difficult.


And now my Spiritual body connects with everything else. 


I feel at peace. Calm.


Joyful in this moment.


I know this is a pattern. A rhythm. I see it and acknowledge it. Just like the seasons of the Earth I have my blossoming and growth. My warm fertile summer. A fall harvest of moments and preparations for an introspective Winter.


Right now my bodily Spring is rejoicing with the Earthly Spring and there is so much energy swirling. 


I’m excited to embrace it. To understand it and to move with it so I can be ready for the next shift. 


You have them too. These rhythms. They’re amazing. And if you tune in?


Life changes.




Journal Prompts:

  1. Have you noticed anything which seems to move in a rhythm in your life? (Acne, confidence, sex drive, mental clarity, productivity, etc.)
  2. Have you ever tracked it to better understand what or when it will occur again?
  3. When was the last time you slept super soundly? And do you have any idea why?




                                         with love,


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