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02: Addressing the Misconceptions About Meditation

Be honest – when you think “meditation,” what exactly comes to mind? Meditation can seem like this big, scary thing, but it’s actually much easier than you think. In fact, it’s just as simple as taking a deep breath in and a deep breath out.


Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor, take a slow deep breath in and now breathe out. Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it.

 Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky. I’m so glad that you’re here and you came back for our first podcast. I would like to start by talking about the misconceptions of meditation. I’ve had a lot of people talk to me about how they can’t do meditation because they don’t have the ability to do this or that or the other. And they’re really honestly just putting blocks in front of their faces because they believe that the only way to do meditation is by this ritualistic perfection. And I am here to tell you that that is a bunch of malarkey. (laughs)


I think that meditation can be so simple and so beautiful and so gentle, and it doesn’t take 20 minutes. It doesn’t take an hour. It doesn’t have to even take five minutes. You do not need to sit in the Lotus pose. You do not need to lay a certain way or, or, or.


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