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12: Meditation to Clean YOUR Mirror

When our mirror hasn’t been cleaned in a while and the reflection needs some attention, what we see reflected back doesn’t support where we truly want to be. Saying one thing and our actions supporting a different point of view leaves us internally struggling and disappointed. This week’s meditation is a way to help you clean YOUR mirror so that you’re better able to speak your truth and live authentically.


Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor. Take a slow, deep breath in, and now breathe out. Congratulations! You just meditated. 

Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out, a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it.

Hello, and welcome back to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I am Krystal Jakosky, and I’m so glad you are here. This is a guided meditation to help us take a look into our mirrors and what we are reflecting and what we would like to improve. 

This is a meditation that I encourage you to come back time and time again for anytime you’re above a three, anytime somebody rubs you the wrong way, anytime you are just seeking to understand what it is that you are reflecting. 

I hope and pray that you come back to this meditation and sink in. Find those answers. Pull out some of the garbage. Shine a light into those dark corners and feel freer.

Find a nice, comfortable space where you will not be interrupted for a little while. Create your little haven. Create your little space. Make sure that you’re comfortable. Do you need a blanket? Do you need a pillow? Do you need to shift just a little bit? 

Make it just right for you. And as you find that space and you are so comfortable and your body is just letting go, you’ve been here before. Your body recognizes that. Your ears and mind hear my voice and they automatically just start to relax. They start to let go and sink into the surface.

Just take that deep belly breath in, up through the nose and out through the mouth. Do that again, feeling your body, your chest and belly, your entire core expand as you take that life-giving air in, and then how it relaxes and comes back to a resting spot as you exhale and let it all go. 

With each breath in, your body relaxes a little more. And with each exhale, it sinks more into the surface that is fully supporting you, your body. With another breath in, you feel it up in your nostrils, in your nasal cavities, in your brain. And exhale.

We do it again, and this is where we start scanning. Feel where that hair comes into your scalp, how tingley it is as it then releases its stress on the exhale. You breathe in again, and you start scanning down your forehead, your eyebrows, your eyelids, at the bridge of your nose. 

Feel that oxygen go to these areas, this band around your head as it all releases. The stress just seems to melt off. It can’t cling to you as you inhale again and you keep scanning down your nose and your cheeks, your lips, your ears, and your chin.

With each breath, you let go a little more, sinking deeper, feeling so much better as you relax and let go. Breathe in again in the base of your neck, along the bottom of your skull, down your neck to your shoulders. 

Just keep breathing deep as you scan down and feel it all. Relax. Out your shoulders, another deep breath, out your shoulders, down your arms, your elbows, your forearms, your wrists, and your hands. 

That deep breath feels so good, and your arms, and hands just let go. You sink relaxed into their surface, and with your next breath in, you feel that rib cage expand and the muscles all stretch with that inhale.

And then release and let go as you come to resting in your belly and lower back. Feel them expand on that inhale, and then relax as it comes back to resting. Feeling so good and so at peace, as you scan down past your belly button, your butt and hips, where we keep so much of that stress. 

Breathe into those muscles and let go. Keep inhaling as you continue scanning down your thighs and releasing on the exhale, your knees, your calves, those deep breaths, all the way down your ankles, the soles of your feet, and all the way to your toes. 

The very last bit of stress, your body just sinks deeper, more relaxed, more at ease. Take another deep, deep breath as you just sit here in this relaxed, comfortable, supported state. And another one. 

Before your mind’s eye, you’re going to allow a mirror to form. This may be a plain, simple mirror with no edges. It may be smaller, just for your body. It may be huge. It may be elaborate or so simple, frame or no. Just take it in. So simple as a mirror.

As you take your next deep breath in, I just want you to look into your own eyes. Look into the depth, the beauty. Look into the knowledge and the soul that is right there reflected back at you. 

Notice some of the beautiful traits present as a part of you. Pay attention to every one of them. Maybe you want to name them. Do you see compassion? Do you see strength? There’s so much love. This is the beauty that I see in you. This is the beauty that you too, can see in you.

Notice how you stand a little taller as you acknowledge and accept these wonderful positive traits. Notice how your heart feels. You may feel some emotion. Let it out. It’s okay. 

It’s good and safe here, this space. It’s for healing. Your tears and emotions just water the flowers. Breathe in deep. Take another moment to acknowledge these beautiful traits that are you, these qualities that you possess.

Take another deep breath in. We’re going to step back just a smidge. There is a spot that has a little pain and needs a little attention. Maybe you’ve been above a three and you need to tap in for a moment. 

Maybe it’s something you’ve been reflecting and a trait that you would like to change. Take a deep breath. You’re okay. You’re safe. I’m right here with you. 

We’re going to let this little thing come out and materialize. It may float in the air in front of you. It may sit in the palm of your hand as you cup them together. It may sit on the floor or the ground. Take a moment. Recognize it for what it is. It’s an emotion. Can you give it a name? Can you see the experience?

Take a deep, deep breath in. You’re okay. This is just a glimpse into your heart. It’s okay. Take another deep breath, and we’re just going to wrap that thing in white light. We’re giving it a hug. We’re giving it love. Give it the understanding that you wish that you’d had in that moment. 

Wrap it up in angel’s wings or white light or whatever thing symbolizes love and healing for you. Just wrap that up. Let it know it’s okay. Let yourself know it’s okay. And as it’s wrapped up in this healing, beautiful energy, it goes from this scary thing that has been plaguing you to something that is no more. Let it go. 

And now the spot in your heart where it came from, it’s a little sad because it’s got a hole. So let’s fill that hole up, helping you be even more complete. It’s okay. What do you want to put there? Is it a light? Is it a unicorn? Is it cotton candy?

You have the power to heal yourself. That’s what you’re doing right now. Heal that little spot of you that has such fear. And as that finishes up, you’re going to look back up into mirror and look right back into your eyes. 

Do you see how they look a little brighter? There’s a little more joy, a little more peace, a little more confidence in the knowledge that you have so got this. You are amazing. Your light shines a little brighter. Feel into that for a minute. It’s okay to understand yourself. It’s okay to look in the mirror and see what you’re really about. You’re a gift, so give yourself a huge hug.

And then you’re going to start taking a deep breath so that you can come back into your body and be very present. A deep breath, and you’re more aware of the surface that you’re laying upon. 

Another deep breath, you roll your fingers and toes, maybe stretch them out a little bit as you become more aware of your body. And on your next inhale, maybe you roll your head and stretch your neck a little bit before you open your eyes to look at your surroundings and the unbelievable gift that this life is. 

You become more present, more aware, more alert. You feel a little more grounded as you wake up. You feel a little more whole and complete. You may find it’s easier to laugh and find joy in little things. 

You may find that it’s time to look up an old friend or a family member and just give him a call and tell him you love him. And best of all, you may find that it’s time to give yourself a little added self-care because you’re amazing, and you absolutely deserve it.

I sincerely hope that you return to this meditation. I sincerely hope that it is one that brings you light and joy and peace. I sincerely hope that it brings you that healing that only you can give yourself. You are your own magic bullet. You are the one that has the power to change. You are the one who knows what you need, and only you can give it. 

I can help, and those around you can support you in that. And I really sincerely thank you for giving yourself this moment, for giving yourself this opportunity and ownership and growth and healing and peace. I’m so proud of you. And I really look forward to having you come back with me next week here on Breathe In, Breathe Out.

I hope this moment of self-care and healing brought you some hope and peace. I’m Krystal Jakosky on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, and I hope you check us out and follow along for more content coming soon.

I look forward to being with you again here on Breathe In, Breathe Out. Until next time, take care.

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