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What if you were able to tap into a repository of knowledge that contained every detail of your past, present, and potential future? Imagine the questions you ask, the transformation you could experience. I’ve always been curious about exploring my own Akashic Records and was thrilled when my next guest offered to walk me through it.

Judith Costa is an unconditional love coach, self-Love expert, seminar leader, writer, and speaker, with a Master’s Degree in Analytical Psychology and Psychotherapy and an MBA. She is a certified consultant and teacher of the Akashic Records, a Reiki Master, a Past Life Regression Therapist, and a certified Happiness Trainer. Judith works with groups and individuals to help them overcome their inner blocks to Love and know themselves better. She specializes in helping her clients have a better relationship with themselves, which transforms their lives, allowing them to create abundance, well-being, better relationships, and become happier.

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