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Permission to Be You. Always. (One Year Later)

We covered this topic exactly one year ago. It feels like an annual pilgrimage to pause, look back and see where I’ve been able to embrace being true to self and where I’ve fallen just a touch short.

Permission to be me.


It seems the more you put yourself out there the more people would like to tell you how you’re not what they think you should be. Your message doesn’t resonate with them and you’re failing to address this or that.

Many would call them haters or trolls. The unanimous encouragement is to ignore them. Don’t respond. Don’t listen. They just want to pull you down.

The thing is, that’s often easier said than done.

Even though I strive for a positive and inclusive message, there are those who work to express their dislike and judgment. True, there are those who encourage and uplift. I’m deeply grateful for them. The contrast is an indisputable reminder of how we tend to see and feel the negative more readily than the positive.

Some days I’m good at letting it all go. Ignoring it. Others, I struggle and wonder if my message is worth the hassle and harassment. The days I struggle, I find I’m bending to the belief of others. I hear their harsh or inappropriate words much louder than my own inner voice. (Or the beautiful voices of others.)

The days I’m strong I find I’m able to let them be “over there” and I can occupy my own space. I can allow us all to exist in our own truth without niggling insecurity. I can even respond to some with a loving message wishing them peace on their journey.

I’d much rather be the strong “kill them with kindness” person than the beat down, insecure whisper in the back of a crowded room. Do you agree? That the strength and confidence in self just feels better.

Permission to be me.

While I continue to work on the “always” portion I’m reminded that my own approval is still the most valuable thing I can give myself. 

It’s a rally cry. My own personal anthem and reminder. In craving it for myself I encourage others to find it. Blowing up chains that bind and finding a new acceptance and freedom in being authentically me.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.

And thank you for letting me tag along on yours.


                                         with love,


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