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The Gardens Spotlight: The Grotto

I was journeying and following the trunk of a tree into the ground. I was allowing what would be to be and suddenly I was pushed to the side and found myself in a cave. I felt cradled and calm within Mother Earth. The peace was all-encompassing and delightfully overwhelming and I cried. The safety and comfort was fully what I needed for healing in this beautiful moment.

To this day I can close my eyes and sink back into it. There have been times I yearned for it. The ability to be hidden and nestled. Protected, quiet and alone. So, I took my own advice and created a space that evokes the same feelings and emotions. 

Welcome to the grotto at The Beam and Bell. 

This is, quite possibly, my favorite place. I can’t tell you how many healing conversations have taken place in this little space. One friend told me she felt like it was a place you felt safe enough to spill your guts. I wholeheartedly agree.

When I’m journaling the words tumble out followed by inspiration and understanding. When I’m hiding I feel stress and worry slide off my shoulders and melt into the ground. When I’m connecting with someone we feel more rooted and open. The conversation goes deeper and introspection is encouraged.

The Grotto. 

It’s always shaded and cool. It’s protected from the elements while being surrounded by them. The water fountain was placed with love and intention, just outside the entrance to gaze upon while the sound washes your cares away. Mesmerizing and soothing. A perfect escape. 

Breathe deeply and let your mind match the tone of the grotto.

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Your journey of healing and transformation is your own, and I help facilitate it at The Beam and Bell. The meditation garden and our many healing spaces were designed to support that journey for you. Close your eyes and let your spirit guide you toward the ones that will best serve your growth, inner peace, and clarity. Contact me when you’re ready to embark; I’ll be waiting for you.


                                         with love,


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