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The Paradox of Self-Care

I hope this message finds you in good spirits! As I reflect on the month gone by, I want to draw your attention to the importance of self-care in our lives. Not just the traditional methods we often talk about, but approaches that may seem counterintuitive to our normal practices. 

In our most recent video, “The Potency of Paradox in Self-Care” (link), I shared the thought that sometimes life demands that we become the queens and kings of self-care. Yet, there might be times where our self-care needs require us to look beyond comfort, downtime, and rest. Maybe we need to step into something contrary- we might need to embrace active engagement and activity.

As an illustration, I shared about how introducing physical activities like pickleball into my self-care routine has drastically improved my mental and emotional state. If it seems like the last thing you want to be doing is moving, you may be surprised at how much a change of pace can help. 

This tactic is even applied when dealing with conditions like Chronic Fatigue where, surprisingly, adding activity can reenergize you and break the unhealthy cycle of constant rest and fatigue. The video also highlighted the story of my aunt in her seventies who reaps the benefit of an active lifestyle by working three jobs. Rather than yielding to lethargy, her choice to engage actively. This decision greatly improved her energy, mental sharpness, emotional happiness, and even her memory, indicating sometimes what we need isn’t more rest, but more engagement.

Therefore, should you find yourself feeling stagnant in your self-care practice or seeing little to no improvements in your state of mind or body, it might be time to flip your self-care routine on its head. The solution might be to do the opposite of what you’re used to.

Your journey is unique, and self-care should be flexible enough to tailor for your specific needs. Activities that get you moving or simply change the rhythm of your daily routine might be just what you need to uplift your spirits, energize your body and promote overall health and well-being.

I hope this shift in perspective proves beneficial to you, as it did for me and my aunt. Remember, the most important thing in all this is that you are taking care of yourself. For only when we are taking care of ourselves can we effectively show up for others in our lives. 

Wishing you a great day, and looking forward to connecting with you again soon!


                                         with love,


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