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This Too Shall Pass

I stumbled upon a video of the revered actor, Tom Hanks, being asked what he wished he’d known earlier in life. His response was deceptively simple but deeply profound, “This too shall pass.”

This phrase, “This too shall pass” has been a staple in my family’s collection of life wisdom since my childhood. However, Hanks gave this traditional saying a slight twist that resonated with me powerfully. His perspective emphasized not only the impermanence of distressing circumstances but also the fleeting nature of joyous moments.

Thus, the beauty of “This too shall pass,” lies in its universal application. Whether you are navigating a strenuous period or beaming with happiness, remember – “This Too Shall Pass”. Having this consciousness enhances our ability to truly appreciate each moment we are granted. It beckons to us – urging us to slow down, to cherish the rising sun, the feel of grass beneath our feet, the shared laughter over dinner, intimate gatherings with loved ones – knowing that these moments, precious as they are, will pass.

In the grand scheme of things, every event, emotion and experience, pleasant and otherwise, is but a fleeting moment. The transient nature of life, represented by the “double-edged sword” of caregiving, is a heartrending yet necessary part of our journey. 

As I embrace the caretaker’s role for my mother, I continually experience the dichotomy of life – where pain and relief, love and loss, introspection and expression, are forever intertwined.

Let “This too shall pass” be a gentle nudge – a reminder to seize each moment, whether filled with joy or aches, as a transient gift. In every interaction, may we focus on the lessons we are learning and the love we are receiving, for this is the heart of a fulfilling life. 

Thank you for being a part of this journey. Until next time, nourish your heart, cherish your moments, and remember – every experience is simply a moment in the vast canvas of life. 


                                         with love,


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