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Feature Interview

Taking Ownership of Your Life (Toward a Better Life)

What a joy it was to join Kevin Pennell on his podcast, Toward a Better Life! Listen now.

I’m excited to welcome Krystal Jakosky today.  She’s from Colorado where she teaches, writes, and hosts a regular podcast.  Helping people is Krystal’s passion through guiding compassionately and even giving them a push in the right direction when needed.  She encourages people to walk into more authentic and fulfilling lives.  In this episode, we’ll learn to tune in to ourselves and our joy.  Stay tuned as Krystal Jakowsky shares methods of Taking Ownership of Your Life. 

Learning how to own your stuff isn’t an instant shift. Like any new skill, it’s something that must be intentional and uncomfortable before it can ever become second nature. To help you practice this new muscle, we’ve created Intro to You: an Online Course from Krystal Jakosky – a teacher and writer based in Boulder County, Colorado. 

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