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Understanding Acceptance as a Stage of Grief

I want to delve into the topic of acceptance today. I’ve had the privilege of engaging in profound conversations with family, friends, loved ones, and clients and discovering life from their perspectives – helping them navigate challenges and learning a great deal in return.

One theme I find continuously echoing among us all is the quest for acceptance. In a recent conversation, a client earnestly confided, “I just want to find acceptance” – a sentiment I believe many of us share. But here is the thing, acceptance is strikingly akin to grief; in the same way, we try to hold onto acceptance, we lose grip of it when something disruptive happens.

Acceptance indeed phases through the grief cycle – anger, denial, bargaining, depression. When you are striving for acceptance, frequently, it signifies you’re trying to let go of something else. Thus, it’s inevitable to come across losses in your new state of being and experience feelings of anger, denial, bargaining, and even depression.

The quest for acceptance is a cyclic journey – you have it, you lose it, and then you find it again. I’ve personally found that acceptance gets entwined with other stages of grief. Therefore, if you’re struggling with acceptance, ask yourself – What are you grieving? What are you letting go of? What are you battling against, and what are you denying? Recognizing these questions might lead you back on the path to acceptance. 

As we navigate this journey called life, remember that acceptance isn’t a static state but a cycle. There will be times when everything feels perfect, but there will also be times when acceptance seems elusive – that’s okay. The goal is to find your way back to it each time. 

May your day be great, and remember, we’re all in this together – living, learning, and accepting. Stay tuned for our next conversation, until then, take care.



                                         with love,


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