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Watching the Flowers Dance

This year has found us enjoying our patio a lot more. We put up an umbrella in the morning and throughout the day you’ll find us working, eating lunch, conducting business meetings, etc. from the comfort of the farm and its beauty. In fact, I am sitting at the table as I write. The breeze caresses me as the trees sing their wind song. Occasionally a car goes by and I pay attention to the sound of it approaching and then drifts away. By the frequency I know it’s getting close to quitting time as people head home from their daily grind.

The flowers in the pots sway with the wind and I’m reminded of Disney’s fantasia or Alice in Wonderland as the blooms come to life. I could lose myself in the childlike imagination of their conversations as they just dance. Some bob, others move back and forth, some quiver, each plant with a different personality.

Being present.



It’s a meditation and yet it also feels like home.

It’s a moment to just BE.



My view as I write.

July has often brought company and added life. We get to experience family and friends with their joy and enthusiasm of being “at the farm”. Sometimes we do projects and others we cook and relax. We go with the flow and soak in the chance we have to connect and share this moment together.

This year has continued with this tradition. Funny, I hadn’t thought of it that way until now.

While Covid has kept us on our toes with socializing, travel and community, we’ve found our groove with awareness and coming together for mental health and connection. We’ve been blessed with people joining us here in Colorado as the destination for a break from reality. When the last people left I found myself in the studio. I laid down on the delicious rug in my office and took a nap. I avoided work for a while, putzed a bit, and then took another nap.

I felt so totally at peace and relaxed. I felt able to fully let go and breathe into the moment. And I realized what a gift this time and space are. The opportunity for self-care was not only present, I was grabbing it with both hands and allowing myself to sink right into what I needed most.

No guilt.

No judgment.

No shame.

Just a human being taking a moment to fill her energetic cup. And I felt at home.

You see, for me, Home is the ability to let everything go. It is inside me. Yes, there are feelings and emotions. Sometimes Home can be an emotional release, sobbing, and letting go completely. Allowing myself to fully feel in raw honesty holding nothing back. Sometimes Home is watching kids laugh and play experiencing childhood and life with full abandon. Home for me can be sitting quietly listening to the wind, traffic, and my own breathing. Or a delightful nap.

Home comes for me because everything is right exactly as it is and I take a moment to appreciate the moment with intention. Purpose.

I knew there was work to be done on Tuesday. I knew the consequences of taking some time for self-care would mean working a little more later in the week. I also knew I needed the time and decided the work would be smoother because I chose my needs over the “have-to’s.”

You know what? It worked.

While I had a little writer’s block in the beginning, once I found Home the words just flowed.

I’m taking a breath today.

I’m letting the air in and the thoughts out.

I’m enjoying the beauty before me in gratitude and bliss.

Thank you for reading.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
Thank you for letting me into your hearts, minds, and homes.

I pray for all of you.

I pray for peace with ALL humans.

For healing of Mother Earth and the Human race.

I pray for inspiration and clarity to descend upon troubled minds and hearts.

I pray decisions are easier and paths forward illuminated.

I pray everyone can find a bit of Home and share the tranquility like ripples on a still pond.


                                         with love,


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