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120: [ANNOUNCEMENT] New Podcast: Lewy Body and Mindful Caregiving

Welcome once again to this episode of “Breathe and Breathe Out”. Our host, Krystal Jakosky is on a caregiving journey for her mother diagnosed with Lewy Body dementia. In a heartfelt narrative, she walks us through the complications and unique challenges that come in the form of handling medications, analyzing their side effects, and managing the stomach discomfort they force upon a lactose intolerant person. Krystal tells us about an experience that shook her resolve as a caregiver and pushed her to reach out for support. This phone call revelation acted as a lightning moment for her, shifting her entire perspective on caregiving, giving her a chance to understand that it’s alright to ask for help and reassurance. Furthermore, she talks about her decision to shift the caregiving episodes to a new podcast, “Lewy Body and Mindful Caregiving.” This podcast aims to provide a platform to share the rollercoaster ride of ups and downs that come with being a caregiver, while keeping “Breathe and Breathe Out,” a platform for uplifting and inspiring thoughts. Finally, she anticipates how her new podcast will be a support for those dealing with Lewy Body and other forms of dementia, providing an understanding voice in an otherwise complicated

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