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64: Meditation to Create a Sacred Space

We all need a sacred space – somewhere we can go when life gets crazy. In this week’s episode, I walk you through a guided meditation to create your sacred space.  


Think meditation is hard? Do me a favor, take a slow deep breath in and now breathe out. Congratulations, you just meditated. Hi, I’m Krystal Jakosky, and this is Breathe In, Breathe Out: a Weekly Mindfulness and Meditation podcast for anyone ready to own their own shit and find a little peace while doing it.

Welcome to Breathe In, Breathe Out. I’m Krystal Jakoky. This guided meditation is one to help you create your own sacred, safe space. So let’s start by breathing in and breathing out. Take another deep breath in up through the nose and down into the belly and out, then another deep breath in and out. With each breath, pay attention to how your body shifts and changes your breath comes in and you feel it cool, your nostrils, and You feel your chest expand. And as you breathe out, feel how your tummy goes down. Your chest goes down and your body feels more relaxed as the muscles let go, And you keep breathing in your shoulders, go up a little while you take that deep breath in. And then they come down and settle. As you breathe out, your arms, rotate out just a little as you take that deep breath in.

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Breathe In, Breathe Out is a weekly mindfulness and meditation podcast hosted by yours truly, Krystal Jakosky. Each week, we’ll release a brand new lesson or meditation focused on helping you navigate your life by giving YOU the tools to become your own healer.

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