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94: Mastering Your Mindset and Loving Your Body with Kaitlin Kreczmer

In the age of social media, comparing ourselves to others is more prevalent than ever. We all struggle with self-love and self-worth. In this week’s episode of Breathe In, Breathe Out, my guest and I discuss the pitfalls of comparing ourselves to others and how to fall back in loves with ourselves.

Kaitlin Kreczmer is an international best-selling author, public speaker and the founder of Master Your Body – Mindset Coaching. She is the go-to body image and mindset coach, elevating and empowering determined women to rise up from despondence and take control of life by securing self-worth and confidence. Kaitlin grew up without self-assurance and spent a lifetime feeling inadequate in her life, choices and body. By age 29, Kaitlin weighed over 250 pounds and was developing depression. It was at that time she finally took accountability, stopped making excuses and dug up the roots of her negative body image beliefs. She lost 100 pounds, quit her mundane life and FINALLY detached her appearance from her value, securing self-worth and confidence. After learning how to show up for herself, Kaitlin made it her mission to help other women do the same. Without a doubt, her greatest passion is empowering other women to build unstoppable lives, filled with passion and purpose, where they are in full control of mind and body.

To connect with Kaitlin, check out her website, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram.

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