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When it comes to sex education, we have a long way to go. Enter Kaz.

I’ve recounted my fangirl moment at the TED Women’s Conference back in December to you a few times now. The time has come to share her talk and let you in on my joy of human interaction.

Like many, I grew up with sex being a taboo, uncomfortable subject which was better ignored and avoided. My “education” about sex consisted of the lackluster and incomplete information you receive at school along with a super awkward conversation with a parent.


The “ins and outs,” hygiene, and safety aspects were hidden and only brought up if someone was brave enough to ask (not many were). And even then, the teacher was too embarrassed to answer the question head-on, afraid they’d say something and offend the parents not even in the classroom.

Although – I do have to give props to the instructor for having a model of breasts to simulate breast cancer and encourage self-exams in a high school assembly. You could go up and feel the differences in front of the entire school. 400 students, in small town, USA…impressive they were that forward. I’m still surprised to this day.

At this point in my life, I am still learning about my body. What I like, what I don’t. What excites me and what turns me off. How far I can push with physical labor and activity and when I need to stop. It’s a lifelong learning endeavor. As I continue to age things will continue changing and I’ll keep discovering new ways to take care of my needs to live a long, healthy, joyful, and happy life.

This leads me to Kaz. 

I was lucky enough to be able to witness Kaz’s magic in person at the TEDWomen’s Conference last December. She exuded positivity, openness, and self-assurance while also being human in navigating a bit of nervous insecurity. She knows her topic, her power, and her heart. Her talk was lighthearted, yet hard-hitting and I’d love for everyone to hear it.

Kaz advocates for better sex education for everyone, especially in the realm of consent. While she focuses on speaking to young girls and women in Kenya, her advice is applicable across the board. “Yes to this. NO means NO. Consent is required and both sides need to honor it.”

In addition to the TED talk, Kaz hosts a fantastic podcast called “The Spread.” She covers all things sex in a gender-inclusive way. I’m telling you – I’ve learned so much from listening to her and I’ve been sharing my new insights with everyone.

I loved her talk, I love her podcast, and I sincerely hope you tune in.


                                         with love,


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