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The Journey to Self-Love: This February and Beyond

This February, as every year, the conversation inevitably turns towards love. Love, such a powerful yet diverse concept, holds different meanings for each of us. Regardless of our relationship status, traditionally romantic or otherwise, love always comes into play. 

Often, we broaden our focus to subjects like universal love, love for each other, or even love for a higher power. But this newsletter is about another type of love, arguably the most vital kind – self-love.

I recently had a conversation with my mom. Her perspective was that every single one of us is inherently lovable. We are born perfect, imbued with the capacity to love and be loved. However, societal pressures may sometimes cause us to disbelieve this intrinsic worthiness of love, suggesting we must strive to become “more” or “better.” 

I wholeheartedly agree with my mother’s outlook. It’s the unshakable foundation of our being – the fact that we are boundlessly lovable, just as we are. That’s the notion I’d like for us all to return to this season of love.

It’s critical through this phase, whether you’re basking in romantic love or wrestling with it, that we turn our attention back to ourselves and affirm, “I love me”. Let’s treat ourselves with increased love, respect, and kindness.

This practice has a powerful ripple effect. By doing so, we demonstrate to others how we wish to be loved and treated. When we commit to loving ourselves, our perspectives alter, leading us to find more joy and happiness. It’s about discarding the unwarranted belief that we are unworthy of love and instead embracing the fact that we originate from a foundation of love.

In a time where love is all around you, if you’re feeling frustrated, take a moment to recognize your inherent worthiness. Turn that love inward and nourish it within yourself. Once you begin to appreciate and love yourself, the need to seek validation externally will lessen.

So, whatever your scenario is this February, remember to reassess your worth. You’re an extraordinary human being born perfect and still perfect. Love yourself and everything else will follow.

See you next week. Stay motivated, stay inspired.


                                         with love,


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