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What You Focus On Grows

What do I want to grow? It’s a running theme lately.

The question has come at me from different perspectives and angles. Family. Friends. Podcast guests. Random videos and shows. You know I’ve got to ponder it and once I do that…I’m gonna write.

The gist of the statement is this: “what you focus on grows.”

If you focus on your pain, it seems to become more. Intense. All encompassing. Overwhelming. If you focus on joy… it grows. Increasing and spreading. Affecting those around you and multiplying to bring more joy. If you focus on what you don’t have, the wall before you builds until it’s a prison holding you back from experiencing the relief and peace of having.

If you focus on your growth and healing… more opportunities are attracted and you find the possibilities are endless. You learn more, find more compassion and understanding, you heal things from the past you didn’t even know were restraining you from your ultimate joy and potential.

What you focus on grows.

Think about your last challenging encounter. Boss? Partner? Friend? Stranger? You were upset and frustrated. You focused on the issue until you had to do something which may, or may not, have helped you calm down. At what point did the anger and upset begin to fade? Did you communicate and find a solution? Was your attention pulled to another subject? Did you go to sleep and upon waking a new thought was swirling in your mind?

If you really analyze the moment you’ll find the challenge began to shrink when your focus turned to something else. 

I’ve been playing with the concept and it’s been a bit eye-opening.

As long as I say I’m tired and stressed… I’m focusing there and everything is difficult. If I change that mental thought to “How can I feel more rested and less stressed?” the focus has shifted to hope and likelihood that things will be better. Focusing on the shift means the healing grows while the overwhelm shrinks away.

The blank page will remain blank as long as I focus on the lack of inspiration. Discomfort (physical, mentally, emotionally) will persist as long as you hold on to it without seeking a shift or a change. Relationships will be difficult as long as you focus on what they lack instead of what they give.

Play with it.

When you feel stuck, focus on how to create new movement. When you’re down, ask how you can pick yourself up. When you’re lost, seek out how you can be found?

It’s fun to see the shift. So much more light. 

What would YOU like to focus on?

Journaling questions:
  1. What have you been focusing on that isn’t supporting your most authentic life?
  2. How can you consciously change the focus and create your own positive shift?
  3. How will you remind yourself to shift your focus when you need it?


                                         with love,


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