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The Beauty of Deafening Silence

Usually when I think of meditation, I think of the quiet moments. 

The wind in the trees.

Birds singing (or squaking).

Gentle music or a guided meditation.

The quiet hum of my pottery wheel.

Really, it’s all the moments that help my mind clear out and be mindfully present. The moments I sink into my breath and cherish the gift of the moment.

Recently my mind was more akin to a rapidly spinning hamster wheel. Thought after thought swimming aimlessly through. Some would be annoying, others peaceful. Always marching and floating.

I’d sit outside and hope to clear it out, calm it down. The efforts were futile.

I’d read a book or play a game. And the wheel kept spinning.

And then I found my peace.

I found myself in a really loud space. There was no possibility of speaking to anyone due to the noise. No music. Initially I wanted to get out of the discomfort and yet…

The longer I was in the deafening noise the more my mind cleared. I put in ear plugs which softened the racket and yet conversation was still out of the realm of possibility. I was left alone with my thoughts and found there was suddenly a lack.

I settled in and enjoyed the “silence”.

And then came the inspiration.

I’ve been here before.

The turning thoughts and running dialogue.

The difference is, last time I found myself by a roaring river. I knew I needed to write and yet my mind was so full with “other” stuff I kept avoiding and procrastinating. I thought the river could soothe me and lull me into meditation and inspiration.

While I achieved that fantastic state it wasn’t by quiet meditation.

It was by allowing the volume to drown out the voices and thoughts in my head.

I’ve found this state before. And now I recognize I need it on occasion. 

It’s the hammers and drills on a construction site. 

A circular saw and ripping 2 x 4’s down to the right size. 

The roaring ocean and cleansing tides.

A concert of your favorite band or musician.

The roar of a crowd at a ballgame.

Self-care and meditation.

It looks different depending on where you’re at and what you’re experiencing.

Next time your regular, go-to self-care fails to meet your needs I encourage you to play with finding something else.


                                         with love,


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