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Peach Jam & Life Lessons

Last August our neighbor gave us a case of Palisade peaches. 

If you’ve never heard of them I’m not surprised and if you have… you know their reputation for being amazingly delicious and sweet. At the end of July beginning of August you’ll see pop up stands on corners all over where you can buy one or two or as many as you can get them to sell you.

They are from Palisades, Colorado and they largely stay here in Colorado. It’s like a homegrown, not so secret, delicacy people wait for year round. You buy a bunch to eat and enjoy the juice dripping down your chin and, if you know how, you buy even more to can or preserve in some delightful way to stretch out savoring the flavor.

When our neighbors gave us this case my husband immediately responded with delight at the possibility of me making peach jam. With his enthusiasm there was no way I was going to say no. And to be honest, there was no way we could eat them all before they would have met a sad mushy demise.

So, everything came out; large pots, sugar, pectin, jars, lids and rings.  The kitchen was entirely taken over by the production and tools necessary to create a delectable year round treat.

It takes a while. The kitchen gets hot and you’re stirring boiling pots of sweet sticky decadence. Once it all gets put into the jars and given a boil bath you still have to do the clean up, which seems to be even more sticky and messy than you thought.

And then you have Jam. A peach jam to write home about and want to share with everyone… except then you wouldn’t have any left for yourselves which means you may have to rethink the size of jars you use next time;)

When all was said and done we ended up with enough to enjoy one pint jar per month. Depending on your point of view that can either be a LOT or not nearly enough. And for Jay it ended on the latter. He couldn’t fathom giving any away and gleefully dove in every chance he got. 

Oh, he’d bring it out when guests came over and we all had breakfast together, but as a rule, it was our little slice of culinary heaven to enjoy here on the farm.

Today, as the fridge got cleaned out 2 jars of this coveted peach jam were found with fuzzy growths contaminating their purity. Can you imagine?!?!

And as I poured them out and cleaned the jars I had a thought:

Is there anything else we’re saving? Hoarding and holding back while refusing to allow ourselves to enjoy today? Now.

A friend who was evacuated from the fires almost lost his prized collection of liquor. He’s been waiting for that “special day” to come and celebrate by opening one. The fires made him realize there’s no time like now to celebrate Life.

Why wait for a grim diagnosis regarding lifespan and health. 

Abolish the “I’ll be happy when…”

Make the when, NOW

What do I want to do? What have you been holding back on living?

What victory, big or small, can you grab right now to bring joy and adventure?

I think I’ll go have a piece of toast and jam. And while I’m at it? There are 2 more, I’m sure I can find someone to share one with 😉


                                         with love,


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