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Feature Interview

“Owning YOUR Sh*t”: How to Live an Authentic & Fulfilling Life | Krystal Jakosky | SCGP: 41 (Self-Care Goddess Podcast)

What a joy it was to share space with Rita Savoia on her podcast, Self-Care Goddess. Listen to the wonderful episode below!

In my podcast interview with the amazing Krystal Jakosky, we talk about the journey of life which can sometimes be frustrating, challenging and emotional but also incredibly empowering.

By removing the blame we place on others and recognizing the part our thoughts play in our life, we can find renewed compassion and understanding of ourselves and everyone around us. In other words, ‘We begin owning our shit” and start taking ownership of our own life’s consequences.

Owning your shit is about taking personal responsibility. Nobody else is going to do it, so the onus for change is on ourselves.

Self-Awareness is being aware of what is going on and how we react to things.  Acknowledging that we all have challenges and frustrations, and yet we all have the power to own our stuff, because when we own our shit, life is easier.

Krystal advises us not to worry so much about other people, because it’s YOU that matters. How you treat yourself, how you love yourself, and therefore, how you treat and love others is a reflection. Make sure that your reflection is so beautiful, clear and personally-owned that what you reflect out is encouragement and acceptance in others doing the same.

In this podcast episode we talk about:

✅  How to manage anger for yourself

✅  How to manage yourself when someone else is angry

✅  How to be Self-Aware

✅  Tips for beating burnout

✅  What Self-Care really means and why it’s crucial

✅  How to change the stories you tell yourself

✅  Tips on how to communicate more authentically for healthier relationships

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