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Shifting Gears


As you saw last week, we released an online course called Intro to You. I’ve got to admit, there’s a bit of disbelief and shock that we actually “did it.”


If you happened to miss the launch, check out “Intro to You” here.

The content came through inspiration and I knew in my heart it would be a great way for people to tune in, on their own time, and find a little personal centering and direction. Everything just flowed and felt right, from the videos, to the meditations to the journaling prompts, it was an amazing experience.


The testing group was broad and wonderful with couples, men, women, and a vast age range. The feedback was fantastic and encouraging. We changed hosting platforms for a better user experience, improved the ability to journal in your own way and added transcripts for anyone who would rather read than listen or watch.

Now that it’s “out there” I sit back and am in awe of how far we’ve come and what we’ve created.

I’ve been helping people clear patterns and blockages for several years. I’ve been teaching them how to own their lives and dive deeper into where and how they want to be. I’ve been creating safe and healing spaces to let go and breathe and have sincerely loved the process.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been times I was terrified. The first time I sat in front of those cameras? The sweating was real. The nerves, off the charts, the fear palpable. I literally made tea so I would have something to hold onto and would move less. The fear of spilling it overcoming my need to shift and fidget.

Now tea is a delightful addition I can choose into, or not. Sometimes I’m in a part of my rhythm that calls for the calming, restful pause. Others I’m jazzed about a topic and excited to talk with my hands as much as my voice.

My, how things have changed!

A couple of questions I often ask myself are:

What is my heartfelt purpose/goal in this life? 

Am I consciously moving towards it? 

Is there anything I need to change?

I sincerely encourage you to ruminate on them and come up with your own answers.


Question one – My goal?  “Own My Shit.” Every single bit of it. Instead of blaming others for my upset or frustration, I work to understand where it comes from and heal the patterns and wounds causing it.

My purpose?  To teach others to do the same. Help them grow into and embrace who they sincerely and truly are. Together we can shed the boxes we’ve been placed in and create a new, peaceful, space of living.

I want to leave this world a better place than I found it.

Question 2 – Am I moving towards it? Every. Single. Day. It is a conscious and intentional effort.

Question 3 – As I make these efforts to understand, I learn what needs to heal and change so I can be the best representation of me. Sometimes it’s easier than others, and yet I do the work because I feel so much better when I understand myself and can let go of the weights holding me back.

I’m excited about where things are going. I’m excited about the people reaching out, growing and connecting. I’m excited about the shifts taking place in the world and the personal responsibility emerging. I’m excited about the possibilities to come and change we’re all going to create, together.


                                         with love,


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