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Break the Mirror for the Best Luck Ever


Mirrors are amazing.


Looking through them in one way helps you see one thing and looking through them at a different angle helps you see something new. There are two-sided mirrors and single-sided mirrors, whole mirrors, and cracked or broken mirrors, and regardless of its condition, every mirror reflects.


Join me on a journey exploring different reflections we see and how being aware of this can help us change our reflection to something we’re deeply in love with.



We are mirrors for each other. 


When you see someone and you’re inspired or attracted to them there is something within what they portray which is also something beautiful within you. This is why you are attracted. The goodness I see in you is also the goodness I could possibly see in myself. Even if it’s just a spark waiting to be fanned into a flame.


Maybe it’s someone’s perseverance or grace. Perhaps it’s intelligence or beauty. Problem-solving skills, musical talent, grounded peace take a minute and think about it. Let someone come to mind who you admire. Now list some of the characteristics they embody which you are drawn to. And once you’ve done that, can you see some of their gifts in you?


This works the other way too. There are people you would rather not be around. They “rub you the wrong way,” so to speak. What is the biggest glaring thing which stands out to you as an irritant? When I stop to analyze the one which immediately comes to mind, I find jealousy. Jealousy of their ability to do the very thing that drives me nuts. I also recognize a wish for things to be different and more accepting. And I know it’s something I get to work on releasing and understanding. Another growing experience.


When I’m insecure about something it shows. I carry myself differently. Even my body language portrays my feelings. People see this insecurity and react to it. Some are drawn in an effort to soothe and help heal. Others may stay away and avoid engaging. It’s the mirror. 


When someone comes to soothe the discomfort, they too seek to be loved and soothed. Someone who would rather avoid the situation would also rather avoid feeling insecure themselves.


This mirror helps us seek out like-minded people. People who nurture those things within ourselves which we would rather see grow and shine. We find a positive feedback loop in the acceptance and joy that encourages us to continue being exactly the way we choose to be. And there is no reason to change because everyone is comfortable in this chosen group.


But what happens when one person decides to shift? The ripple can cause a crack in the glass. Now you see something different in the mirror and you’re not sure it’s something you like. So now you either continue the relationship while accepting the crack or find a new mirror. And honestly, did the crack damage the mirror? Or is it actually a beautiful new way of looking at things?


I wish for us all to create cracks. What wondrous designs can we create? Instead of following the person who leads, what if we all decided to stand in our own truth and peace? Finding your inner voice and strength and then mirroring that newfound way of being to all around us would be an amazing gift.


I guess mirroring back personal growth is, in itself, being a leader. (I smile)




I accept me. And through this mirror I also accept you.


I love who I am and the center I know. This means those who are attracted to me see this same reflection and gift. They receive permission to love themselves and mirror this to others. 


I live my life in the most authentic and true way I know how. I listen to my higher self and allow my guides to direct me in each step on my path. I learned tools to help clear out the pains of the past and find greater peace and healing. I would love to teach them to you. I would love for the world to find personal responsibility and acceptance. I believe the best way to become loving and tolerant of others is to find that tolerance and compassion for ourselves first. Healing the world one human at a time.


Journal prompts:


  1. Let someone come to mind whom you admire. Now list some of the characteristics they embody which you are drawn to. And once you’ve done that, can you see some of their gifts in you?
  2. Now think of someone you are challenged with. What is the trait which most bothers you? Is there something you can do to heal or change that trait in you?
  3. What is the one trait you would most like to develop?


                                         with love,


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